Advanced training

In conjunction with support, our department or licensed care service, where applicable, will update the carer's learning plan, as part of the process of regular review of the Foster Carer Agreement.

Foster carers are required to complete advanced training modules totalling a minimum of eight hours during the two year period following their initial renewal of approval, as a requirement for further renewal of approval. Thereafter, advanced training is optional and is not a condition of renewal of approval. However, advanced training will be offered to foster carers as part of ongoing skills and knowledge development.

Kinship carers and long-term guardians may access advanced training modules to support their care of a child or young person.

Advanced modules may be provided by the department or licensed care service and may also be accessed externally from a range of agencies within the community, for example, other government departments, attendance at a conference, etc.

Training modules

External advanced training

Foster and kinship carers who require specialised skills to provide care for a specific child or young person can access funds for external advanced training.

These funds are available for training that cannot that be accessed through existing advanced training options. The training need must be documented in a Foster Carer Agreement or Placement Agreement. For further information, refer to Process for accessing external advanced training (PDF, 21 KB).

Departmental staff or non-government foster and kinship care services may apply for funding for particular carers by submitting an Application for external advanced training (DOC, 218 KB) to the relevant child safety service centre manager.

The criteria for externally accessed advanced modules are as follows:

  • content must be relevant to the foster carer's learning plan
  • module must be a minimum of two hours duration
  • must be developed and delivered by a person with recognised expertise in the content area
  • should be based on clear competencies, upon which the carer is assessed and provided with written acknowledgement of completion. Where this is not possible, the carer should be able to identify with their support worker ways in which the training will assist them in their role.

If you are a foster or kinship carer who would like to access external advanced training, contact your support worker from your child safety service centre or foster and kinship care service.