Positive and protective series

The Positive and Protective series (developed by True - formerly Family Planning Queensland) is made up of six advanced training modules. The modules cover topics such as sexuality, the rationale for self-protection education, indicators of sexual abuse, responding to disclosures, and skills for teaching children and young people about sexuality and self-protection (including naming body parts, types of relationships, types of touch, talking about feelings and warning signs, identifying warning signs and getting help and feeling safe) and puberty.

Each module includes a Facilitator Kit, PowerPoint Presentation and Participant Workbook:

1. Self-protection training – Children

2. Self-protection training – Adolescents

3. Self-protection training – Disability

4. Sexuality and Autism Spectrum Disorder

5. Preparing for puberty

6. Identifying and responding to sexual behaviours in children and young people

Information for trainers

Each training module provides participants with knowledge and skills to respond effectively to the sexual health and self-protection needs of children and young people.

  • While each module is specialised, some common content exists across modules and trainers may want to consider removing/amending content that participants have covered previously.

  • Trainers should refer to the facilitator guide and read relevant articles prior to conducting training.

  • Participants should each receive the Participant Workbook.