Ready, set, fly! A parent's guide to teaching life skills

Ready set fly (PDF) was developed by Casey Family Programs to use when teaching life skills. It outlines a range of life skills and provides activities with children based on their age level.

Resource materials can be downloaded free-of-charge from the website and provided to carers at handouts.

This may be used as one of the continuous learning modules for existing carers if they have a child in care aged 8 years or older.

Information for carers

Carers should be given the following instructions:

  • Ready, set, fly is a resource to assist you in developing life skills with children or young people in your care. It outlines a range of life skills and gives you activities that you can do with children according to their age level.
  • It is important to read section 2, 'How to use Ready, set, fly!'
  • Over a period of three months implement the strategies outlined with a child in your care. Keep a diary record of things you have done. Submit the diary record to your key trainer.