Protecting children

  • Children and young people info

    If you are a child or young person in care find out your rights, how to have a say in decisions about you and who you can talk to if you have a problem.

  • About child protection

    Child Safety is dedicated to protecting children and young people who have been harmed, or are at risk of harm.

  • What is child abuse?

    Find out about child abuse, including what it is, what can cause it, how to recognise it, what to do if you suspect it is happening, why you should report it, and how to report it.

  • What is child sexual abuse?

    Find out about child sexual abuse, including what it is, what is considered normal sexual behaviour in children, how to protect children from sexual abuse, myths and facts, and how to get advice and report it.

  • How to prevent abuse

    Most people want to love and care for their children, but parents can harm their children when stress, tiredness, lack of skills, information or support combine to make the pressures of caring for them overwhelming.

  • Reporting child abuse

    If you have a reason to suspect a child in Queensland is experiencing harm, or is at risk of experiencing harm, you need to contact Child Safety Services.

  • Responding to child abuse

    The department is the lead child protection agency in Queensland and is required by law to ensure that children and young people are safe from abuse, neglect and harm in their homes.

  • Ongoing intervention

    Ongoing intervention occurs when we need to provide support and assistance to a child or young person and their family to meet their protection and care needs.

  • Child Safety Practice Manual

    The Child Safety Practice Manual provides a comprehensive set of procedures that guide and inform the delivery of child protection services in Queensland.

  • Adoption

    Adoption is a way to provide a permanent family for children who cannot live with their birth family.

  • Child and family reform

    The Queensland Government has outlined its reform agenda for supporting Queensland families and keeping children safe.

  • NDIS implementation

    As the NDIS transition progresses in each region, new processes and relationships are being established between the NDIA and Queensland Government services, including our department.

  • Resources and publications

    List of child protection resources available.