Delivering quality services to children and families through a capable, motivated workforce and client-focused organisations

Vulnerable children and families will receive quality services from a highly skilled, capable and professional workforce across government and non-government family and child sectors.

Improved court processes for child protection matters

Based on the recommendations of the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry, we have improved court processes for child protection matters.

The Office of the Child and Family Official Solicitor (OCFOS) provides early, independent legal advice and legal representation to child safety officers about child protection matters, and works closely with staff in service centres to prepare court material for child protection order applications. This includes applying for emergency orders to ensure a child’s immediate safety.

The Office of the Director of Child Protection Litigation (DCPL) is an independent statutory agency within the Justice portfolio which makes applications for child protection orders and conducts child protection litigation on behalf of the State.

Qualification requirements

At a minimum, all new child safety officers must hold a bachelor degree from an accredited Australian tertiary institution. Overseas qualifications are only accepted if they are comparable to a relevant Australian qualification.

Further information about the new qualification requirements is available on the child protection careers page.


  • Quality Improvement Program

    The Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women has established a Quality Improvement Program (QIP) aimed at improving outcomes for children, young people, parents and families.