Ongoing intervention

Ongoing intervention occurs when we need to provide support and assistance to a child or young person and their family to meet their protection and care needs.

  • Case planning

    Case plans are developed to address the protection and care of children or young people involved in ongoing intervention.

  • Support service case

    A support service case refers to providing, or helping provide preventative and support services to families.

  • Intervention with parental agreement

    Intervention with parental agreement allows child safety officers to work intensively with children, young people and their families to meet their protection and care needs while they remain in the family home for all, or most of the intervention period.

  • Independent person

    When Child Safety is making an important decision about an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child, the child and the child’s family have a right to have a say and to have an independent Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander entity for a child (independent person) help make sure their voice is heard.

  • Child Protection Order

    If it has been assessed that a child or young person has been harmed or is at risk of harm and requires protection, we will remain involved with the family for a period of time.

  • Family group meetings

    A family group meeting is held by our department to develop a case plan when we believe that a child or young person is in need of protection.

  • Court processes

    When a child or young person is assessed as being in need of protection, and a parent is not able and willing to protect them, an application will be made to the Childrens Court for a Court Assessment Order or a Child Protection Order.

  • Youth justice

    In some cases, a child or young person subject to child protection intervention by our department will also be subject to youth justice services administered by Justice and Attorney General.

  • Contacts

    Child protection contacts within the Child Safety Services