Making active efforts

When Child Safety is working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, by law, Child Safety must make active efforts to uphold their rights under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Placement Principle.

Active efforts means that Child Safety must do everything it is practical to do, as soon as possible, to make sure the child is safe and stays connected to their family, culture and community. 

Child Safety must also uphold the family’s right to be involved when important decisions are being made. 

Child Safety will make active efforts to:

  • respect and understand their culture
  • make sure they can have their say
  • listen to what they say before decisions are made
  • support families to have an independent person
  • work with the local community-controlled organisations so families gets the right help at the right time.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families can talk to their Child Safety Officer if they feel that active efforts are not being made.

If families still have worries after talking to their Child Safety Officer, they can talk to their Child Safety Service Centre Manager.

They can also call the department’s Complaints unit.