Proposed North Coast short-term remand centre

Project update

(as at 17 January 2022)

In January 2022, it was announced the proposal for the North Coast short-term remand centre has been withdrawn following community consultation. Plans to repurpose the Caloundra watchhouse into a temporary, short-term youth remand centre to assist with additional youth detention capacity in Queensland will no longer proceed at this location.

The Caloundra watchhouse will continue to be used by police as an operational watchhouse and the government will continue to progress the business case announced last year for additional youth detention capacity in Queensland.

Project background

In 2021, the Queensland Government, through the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs (DCYJMA), investigated the potential to purpose the Caloundra Watchhouse into a short-term remand centre for young people.

  • The State Budget allocated $5 million in infrastructure funding for a short-term remand centre and up to $11.4 million over four years for its operation.
  • This initiative was designed to complement substantial youth justice reforms introduced in 2021 because of the continued risk posed to our community by a small number of serious repeat youth offenders.
  • The Caloundra Watchhouse was considered as the site for the short-term remand centre because of its proximity to a police station and courthouse, building design and other operational factors.
  • It was anticipated the short-term remand centre would be for a small number of young people waiting to be admitted to a youth detention centre, and that it would operate for short periods during peak demand periods throughout the year.

Read more about the background of the proposal in the Questions and answers page.

Community engagement and consultation

Community engagement

DCYMA representatives undertook initial engagement with neighbouring residents and businesses in August 2021 which included in-person discussion, and a direct mail out with a fact sheet and question and answers.

Department representatives also made targeted approaches to key stakeholders, business leaders and interested parties in the Caloundra community to provide further information, take feedback and look to incorporate necessary changes to address any issues or concerns raised during the planning and design process.

Formal notification and consultation

Planning requirements relating to the change of use and construction works to the Caloundra Watchhouse also necessitated a formal period of public notification.

The Amendment Ministerial Infrastructure Designation proposal (AID-921-0529) contained details of the proposal for the North Coast short-term remand centre and an assessment of potential impacts. The proposal was open for submissions for 20 business days and closed Monday 15 November 2021.

Read more about the community engagement approach for the North Coast short-term remand centre (PDF, 194 KB) (PDF, 194 KB) North Coast short-term remand centre (PDF, 194 KB) (DOCX, 19 KB) 

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