Customer vision

Our customer experience is important to us.

Our vision shows how we live and breathe customer service in the workplace every day. It has been informed by what people say they value and expect as good customer experience.

We aim to:

Be clear

Be helpful

Make it easier

Follow through on what we say

What does this mean for our customers? To enable the best possible results and value, we will:

  • listen to them
  • communicate using plain language tailored to their needs
  • respond promptly, accurately, honestly and fairly
  • treat them with courtesy and respect
  • act professionally when dealing with them
  • keep them informed
  • provide accurate information
  • respond in a culturally appropriate way
  • offer solutions
  • provide them with contact information
  • work with them to resolve issues
  • follow up, and
  • seek their feedback to help us improve.

This vision is supported by our public service values.