Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Team System

The purpose of the SCAN team system is to enable a coordinated, multi-agency response to children where statutory intervention is required to assess and meet their protection needs. This is achieved by:

  • timely information sharing between SCAN team core members
  • planning and coordination of actions to assess and respond to the protection needs of children who have experienced harm or risk of harm
  • holistic and culturally responsive assessment of children's protection needs.

The SCAN team system does not have distinct decision making authority as individual SCAN team core member agencies are accountable and retain responsibility for their actions.

We are recognised within legislation as the lead agency for the SCAN team system. Core member agencies are:

Other government and non-government agencies may also be invited to participate in SCAN team discussions for a particular child if they have specific knowledge, expertise or resources to inform the discussion.

Once the SCAN team has reviewed all available information about a child and their family, they will make recommendations relating to the coordination of multi-agency actions to assess and respond to the protection needs of the child.