Communities for all

Communities for all means everyone, including the one in five Queenslanders with disability having the same opportunities. Raising awareness and dispelling myths about disability and peoples’ abilities is the first step towards this. The more informed we all are, the more we can do to create truly inclusive communities.

Improved physical accessibility allows people with disability, older people, parents with young children, people with temporary injuries, and tourists with suitcases to have a better experience of finding their way around the community. Welcoming attitudes and inclusive organisations provide Queenslanders with disability the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the cultural, artistic, sport, tourism and recreational activities in our community.

What we will do

Our vision is for people with disability to be welcomed, valued and respected members of their communities. To create an environment where Queenslanders with disability can participate in all aspects of community life, including community activities, sports, arts, tourism and recreation activities that are accessible and socially inclusive of all Queenslanders.


  1. Raising awareness and developing and sharing information and resources
  2. Recognising diversity and welcoming people of all abilities
  3. Promoting and upholding rights
  4. Improving accessibility of arts, sports and recreation activities
  5. Improving accessibility of places and spaces
  6. Ensuring information is accessible and available in multiple formats
  7. Promoting safe, healthy and respectful relationships.

What you can do

We can all make changes—small and large—to help build an inclusive and accessible Queensland and open up opportunities for all. How?

Accessible Events: A Guide for Meeting and Events Organisers

Accessible Events: A Guide for Meeting and Events Organisers is a practical guide aimed at helping event organisers make events more accessible for people with disability who may be attending as presenters, participants or sponsors. The guide is available from Meeting & Events Australia.

Disability access and inclusion planning