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Opportunities for all start with equal access to services such as housing, health and transport.

To create better outcomes for Queenslanders with disability and ensure our services are accessible and responsive, we’re working across all Queensland Government service agencies including housing, health, transport, disability and community supports and justice and community safety. These universal services also complement the supports that eligible people with disability will access through the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Remember, while government plays a major role in delivering services to Queenslanders, everyone in our community can take steps to ensure that our businesses, services, communities and neighbourhoods are accessible and responsive to Queenslanders with disability.

Here are some tips to help you make your service and/or business more inclusive:

  1. Have a lower section of the reception desk to make it easy for people using wheelchairs to talk with staff when entering your office.
  2. Check the access to your building – is there a clear path to the entry, is the door and hall way wide enough for a wheelchair, is there enough circulation space in waiting rooms for a person using a mobility aid to easily turn around.
  3. Is there an accessible bathroom in your building?
  4. Think about the music being played when customers are on hold, or while they are waiting in reception areas. Loud music can overstimulate some people, and create an unpleasant environment for older people or families with young children.
  5. Ensure information about your service is available in multiple formats (for instance, in accessible formats on line and in Easy English versions in print) as well as multiple languages.
  6. Very bright or flickering lights can cause discomfort and distraction to many people.
  7. Ensure staff are aware of how to respectfully ask if a person may need some extra assistance.
Last reviewed
14 August 2018
Last modified
2 February 2020

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