Leadership and participation

Queenslanders with disability have the same rights as everyone else to participate in Queensland’s society and democracy. Creating equal opportunities for people with disability to influence decisions and to take up key roles in public and private organisations is fundamental to being a truly inclusive Queensland.   

What we will do

The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring that Queensland does not miss out on the wealth of experience, knowledge and innovative ideas that people with disability can contribute.

Two ways we will do this are by:

  1. Taking the lead in improving consultation and engagement with people with disability and their families/carers in developing Queensland Government policy and programs.
  2. Promoting diversity in leadership.  

What you can do

If you are a business or community organisation:

  1. Work with your management committee or board to gain commitment to inclusion.  Talk about what each role on the committee requires.
  2. Ask disability organisations about their experiences and interests – people with disability often have qualifications, previous employment or skills gained through personal interests and activities.
  3. Link people with disability already in your organisation to mentors in your leadership team so they gain confidence and skills. Foster the leaders of tomorrow.
  4. Talk with board members and people with disability who are interested in leadership roles about any barriers or concerns you may both have. Be honest and respectful. Together you can find solutions.

Get on Board!

All Queenslanders have the opportunity to register their interest to serve on a Queensland government body. It’s a rewarding and productive way to get involved with government and help shape Queensland.

Find out about the register and how to apply.