If you're interested in working with children and families and helping to lift them up so they can live a life that's free of trauma, then this is absolutely the place for you. Because I don't think that the families we work with are somehow other than us, they are all of us.

Deidre Mulkerin — Director-General

Become a CSO

Our Child Safety Officers all have one thing in common — they're driven by an aspiration to make meaningful change to the lives of vulnerable children and young people.

Being a Child Safety Officer can be difficult. Sometimes, you need to make tough decisions with families to help them overcome hardships so they can care for their children in safe, loving and stable homes. You're working with families in crisis, or who have lost their way and need support.

But it's also uplifting, especially on those days when you realise you've made a positive difference to a child's life.

To be a Child Safety Officer, you need to be curious, confident, resilient and willing to walk beside parents, helping and encouraging them to change their lives for the better, and be safe in their culture. You'll also need to be prepared to step in when children and young people need protection.

We encourage people of all ages, abilities, genders and ethnicities to join our department as a Child Safety Officer. We believe that fostering an inclusive workplace culture where our employees are valued and recognised for their unique qualities, ideas and perspectives, helps us provide better services to the communities we serve across Queensland.

We're looking for people who have a deep sense of service to the community and are inspired by the opportunity to make genuine and positive changes with vulnerable children and families so they can thrive.

If you have the passion and commitment for child protection work, you can be anything you want to be in our department. If you're ambitious, then this department is the place for you.