Multicultural Queensland Month

Thank you to everyone who got involved in this year's Multicultural Queensland Month. You all helped make the month a great success.

This year, we explored the many ways in which language is fundamental to building a truly inclusive Queensland through the theme 'Inclusion in action'. We acknowledged the incredible skills of multilingual Queenslanders, explored practical ways to break down language barriers and considered the role we all play by choosing to use language that connects rather than divides us.

Although the month is over for 2022, it's important to keep the conversation going so we will continue to share stories of 'Inclusion in action' to highlight and showcase some of the practical ways people in our communities are contributing to inclusion and belonging in Queensland.

You can stay involved on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by using #inclusioninaction.

We will also continue to share suggestions on how we can all continue to work together to ensure everyone can connect, contribute and belong.

Multicultural Queensland Charter

The Queensland Government has a vision of a unified, harmonious and inclusive community. One way we will achieve this is through the adoption of the Multicultural Queensland Charter principles.

The Charter's principles underpin the theme, events and activities of Multicultural Queensland Month.

Download the Multicultural Queensland Charter Guide (PDF) to see how you can incorporate the principles into everyday life.

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