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  1. Multicultural Queensland Month

Multicultural Queensland Month

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Census Day is 10 August 2021. Support is available in over 25 languages to help you complete your Census.

Multicultural Queensland Month – the state’s largest multicultural celebration – is held in August each year.

This year we acknowledge the role that everyone plays in contributing to Queensland’s culture and prosperity through the theme 'Inclusion in action'.

Queensland is a multicultural success story and the month presents an opportunity to increase awareness of the benefits of diversity, while sharing the innovative ways people and organisations are making Queensland communities strong and cohesive.

Multicultural Queensland Month is an opportunity for everyone across the state to come together to contribute, share, perform, listen, learn and acknowledge that, while we may come from different communities and cultures, we all love living in Queensland.

Multicultural Queensland Charter

The Queensland Government has a vision of a unified, harmonious and inclusive community. One way we will achieve this is through the adoption of the Multicultural Queensland Charter principles.

The Charter's principles underpin the theme, events and activities of Multicultural Queensland Month.

Download the Multicultural Queensland Charter Guide (PDF) to see how you can incorporate the principles into everyday life.


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