In our day to day life there are actions we can all do to embrace our diversity, promote inclusion and make new connections in our community.

We encourage you to incorporate these actions as part of your day to day life.

These actions are a reminder that, regardless of our differences, we all share a common humanity and our actions can create a ripple of kindness, welcome and inclusion.

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Get involved

Get socialfollow the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by using #inclusioninaction  to celebrate our cultural diversity.

Attend an eventorganisations promote their events, festivals and projects happening throughout the year on the events calendar. Check out events happening and get involved.

Host a dinnersharing a dinner with people of all cultural backgrounds enables people to not only share food, but also their stories in a space of love and respect so they feel valued and heard.

Hold a morning or afternoon tea – facilitate a morning or afternoon tea at your workplace h to raise awareness among staff about the benefits of diversity within your workplace. When planning your event, you may even like to refer to the Multicultural Queensland Charter principles.

Trivia night – host a trivia night and include questions about Queensland's diversity.

Teach, learn or share – there are many benefits of cultural diversity in the workplace. SBS have a range of resources to help your organisation address stereotypes, identify unconscious bias and more.

Racism. It Stops With Me campaign. This national campaign provides tools and resources to help people and organisations learn about racism and stand against it by acting for positive change.

Improve your knowledge

Learn about Queensland's diversity – by using Search Diversity Queensland. This interactive tool can help us to understand who we are as Queenslanders and harness the remarkable benefits cultural diversity offers, which is crucial to planning for the future of our cities, towns and regions.

Explore the Multicultural Queensland CharterThe Charter is one way the Queensland Government is working to achieve its vision of a unified, harmonious and inclusive community and all Queenslanders can bring these Charter principles to life in their community, workplace or school.

Learn about a culturelearn about other cultures by checking out the SBS Cultural Atlas. The Cultural Atlas provides information on the cultural background of Australia's migrant populations and aims to improve social cohesion and promote inclusion in an increasingly culturally diverse society.

Learn a language -there are many reasons to learn a new language; it breaks down barriers that will help connect and bring you closer to different cultures.

Become culturally aware -understand cultures other than your own and be aware that cultural differences and similarities exist.

Learn about Queensland's migration history – Find out more through the Queensland Museum. (%20)

Speak inclusively (PDF) – try to always use inclusive, non-discriminatory language. Speaking inclusively is about communicating in a way that is accessible and respectful, and includes and empowers those you are speaking to.

Read a book or watch a film – gain more insight into different cultures or faiths by reading books or watching movies by authors and directors from different backgrounds. Story-telling is an accessible and enjoyable way to develop cross-cultural understanding.

Start a conversation – we have all had different experiences in our lives, why not start a conversation with a new Queenslander in your community about their experiences. Instead of starting a conversation about difference ('where are you from?') consider asking about a point of similarity ('Are your kids enjoying school?').

Contribute to your local community

Volunteer – put your unique skills and experience to good use by volunteering for a local group. Check out Volunteering Queensland for local opportunities that will match your skills and interests.

Buy local – discover and support local ethnic suppliers, restaurants and shopping precincts in your area.

Join a local group or meet-upmeet-ups are a great way to find other people with interests similar to yours. Meet-ups are generally formed around a topic or interest and will set a regular time to meet, share, make or work together.

Support a social enterprise social enterprises have a mission embedded in the heart of the business to address cultural, social, and environmental needs. There are various industries, including those who provide employment opportunities for refugees and diverse Queenslanders.

Welcome activities whether it be through signs or welcome boards, morning teas or meetings, small acts of welcome can make a huge difference.


Share your unique skills – Can you speak multiple languages? Do you know how to cook the way your ancestors did? Find ways you can share your unique skills and cultural heritage with neighbours, colleagues, or local schools or groups.

Help new arrivalshelp new arrivals in your neighbourhood find services they need. oneplace is an easily accessible directory of community support services to help Queensland families to get to the right service at the right time.