Multicultural Queensland Month


View stories of practical ways people are contributing to inclusion and belonging in Queensland communities.

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Multicultural Queensland Month 2023

We are a state of many cultures and many languages – almost a quarter of Queenslanders are born overseas, and many of us have at least one parent born in a country other than Australia.

In August each year we celebrate our diversity, recognising the benefits to Queensland of the many backgrounds, skills and experiences that make up who we are.  

This year the theme for Multicultural Queensland Month is Many cultures, one Queensland: putting inclusion into action.

Under this theme, we will be sharing stories about many of the cultures that make up Queensland’s population, and the different journeys that have been made by hundreds of thousands of people who call Queensland home and the unique contributions they are making within their local communities and to Queensland as a whole. We will explore the practical actions we can take in our everyday lives to ensure every one of us can access, participate and contribute – whether in our workplaces, schools, community groups, sport clubs, services or any other setting. 

Throughout Multicultural Queensland Month we will celebrate how organisations and individuals are breaking down barriers to create opportunities for everyone to access and enjoy good jobs. We will showcase the many ways organisations deliver better services that are accessible to all. And we will celebrate the richness that cultural diversity adds to our great lifestyle. Good jobs, better services, and supporting cultural diversity are part of the government’s commitment (PDF) to build future prosperity and growth across the state.

Join us this August in celebrating many cultures that make up one Queensland by holding your own or joining local cultural events and activities or our online webinars, learning more about cultural diversity and putting inclusion into action in your local community as we create a thriving future for all Queenslanders.

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