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Holding an event or activity during Multicultural Queensland Month? Here are some resources to help you plan and promote it.


Event invitation


Colouring sheet


Social media shareables

Get social about your commitment to Multicultural Queensland Month - download the pictures and share.

Email signature

The electronic signature can be inserted into your Microsoft Outlook email signature to show your support for Multicultural Queensland Month:

  1. Save this email signature image to your computer
  2. Open a New Email window
  3. Select Signature
  4. Select Signatures from the drop-down options
  5. Choose Select signatures to edit
  6. When your cursor is under your signature text in the Edit signature, select the image icon
  7. Browse and select the image from your computer and click Insert
  8. To include a web link to our website, click on the image in the Edit signature field and select the hyperlink icon
  9. In the address type and then click OK
  10. Click OK again to save your signature block.