Pledge actions

As part of their pledge to prevent domestic and family violence, the following organisations have provided information on the action/s they are committed to taking.

AFL Queensland

In July 2019, AFL Queensland held their first ever Domestic Violence Awareness Round across the state. AFL Queensland CEO, Dean Warren, said AFL Queensland want to make it clear that they do not tolerate domestic and family violence in any way. “It is our aim to use the vast reach of our AFL Queensland participation and fan networks to educate Queenslanders about domestic and family violence and create a safe and supporting environment for those affected.”

Black & White Cabs

Black & White Cabs pledges to work towards a Queensland where everyone is equal and free from violence. Black & White Cabs commits to playing our role, working within our organisation and in partnership with others to raise awareness, improve prevention and provide practical assistance to end domestic and family violence. Black & White Cabs is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for all employees.

It recognises that domestic and family violence (DFV) is a work issue and that employment is often a critical element to supporting someone leaving a DFV relationship. Black & White Cabs recognises as leaders in the corporate and community sectors we have a vital role to play and we agree to use our internal and external and formal and information networks to activate others to join in this shared objective of keeping everyone safe from violence.

BOQ Group

BOQ Group is committed to providing support to employees and customers affected by domestic and family violence. BOQ’s workplace encourages a culture that supports people asking for help when needed, with processes and practices to provide the individualised help and assistance required. BOQ Group is committed to raising awareness of the prevalence of domestic and family violence and its impact across the organisation and within the broader community.

Civil Contractors Federation

The Civil Contractors Federation Queensland Limited (CCF Qld) represents the interests of the civil construction industry in Queensland by providing the industry with assistance, expertise and support on industry issues. Representing some 15,000 employees, CCF Qld is passionate about proactively advocating against domestic and family violence throughout their workplaces and communities. CCF Qld is raising awareness of the impact of domestic and family violence through a variety of education avenues and is informing the industry on how domestic and family violence can be prevented along with providing accesses to support networks to those who are impacted.

Clubs Queensland

Clubs Queensland, which represents more than 1,100 community clubs and their 2.4 million members, is dedicated to addressing domestic and family violence. In 2019, Clubs Queensland launched their ‘My Club Says Yes to Respect’ campaign. This campaign includes bystander education for club staff to help them know how to react when they witness or suspect violence, information on places to call for help in amenities and making material about support services easily accessible. This statewide campaign demonstrates Clubs Queensland’s commitment to addressing domestic and family violence within their workplaces and communities.

Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion as well as gender equality. The bank recognises it has an important role to play to support its customers, employees and members of the community who are impacted by domestic and family violence.

Since 2015, the bank has committed $25 million to support customers impacted by domestic and family violence. It provides direct, immediate and practical support for customers escaping domestic and family violence. In 2019, it announced its focus on financial abuse in the context of domestic and family violence (domestic and financial abuse). Most recently, the bank:

  • increased its support for victims and survivors of financial abuse with a $5 million commitment to leading community organisations and experts, partnering with them to develop new financial solutions and support to help those affected achieve long-term financial independence
  • further increased its leave provision to offer its employees experiencing domestic and family violence as much paid leave as they need to navigate the situation, and continue to provide up to 5 days paid leave to employees helping an immediate family member or member of their household in need.

Find out more about the initiatives and actions the bank is undertaking.


The Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) works to advance the business of the industry. CSIA pledges to continue to support the work of the community services industry in raising awareness and supporting victims of domestic and family violence. As an organisation, CSIA will continue to raise awareness and understanding within the workplace, supporting people to do relevant training and promoting a respectful and empowered workplace culture. The organisation will also support any affected staff through their domestic and family violence policy, flexible work, and support and counselling arrangements. CSIA will actively seek opportunities to work with industry partners to achieve system change on issues connected to domestic and family violence, including gender equality, homelessness, child-safe organisations and inclusion.


GWI will continue to set a standard for small business. GWI acknowledges the devastating impact of domestic and family violence. GWI’s response will start in their workplace, where they will continue to maintain a diverse and respectful environment where unhealthy stereotypes and behaviours are never allowed to flourish. GWI will be alert for the signs of DFV and will support any staff who become victims. This includes leave and flexible working arrangements that people may require to get back on their feet, having fallen victim to domestic and family violence. Outside of GWI, the organisation will continue to advocate for what is fair and acceptable in a modern society and will stand up for the right of everybody to be safe and happy in their own home. GWI’s CEO has also committed to continuing to put his personal standing behind this issue and to tell his fellow CEOs that it is their responsibility to be heard.


Halcyon is actively engaged in supporting victims of domestic and family violence by providing accommodation alternatives to affected women and children. Halcyon, in conjunction with Mirvac, has completed Bella's Sanctuary and is committed to encouraging and assisting other companies to join together to build additional transitional housing projects for Queensland victims. They have also committed to raising awareness amongst employees regarding domestic and family violence, and to providing practical and counselling support services to any affected employee. For the last 2 years, Halcyon has presented on this topic at all team meetings so that all employees feel engaged and on board with Halcyon’s ventures.

Independent Education Union

The Independent Education Union's (Queensland and Northern Territory Branch) governing body pledges to email their members to call for a day of action for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, where they ask their members to pause to reflect and hold a high visibility event. This email will also provide links and information, should their teaching members wish to speak to their students about the issue. They also pledge to ensure they always ask for Family and Domestic Violence leave in any agreements that they negotiate.


Luminary in Brisbane is committed to a zero tolerance policy to domestic and family violence (DFV) and pledges to provide domestic violence leave that may be taken as part of the annual personal leave entitlement for employees who are experiencing DFV.

Luminary has provided training about understanding types of abuse and domestic violence in the workplace to enhance staff understanding.

Additionally, Luminary provides pro-bono services to Commsync, which supports the safety of those vulnerable to family, domestic and workplace violence. Commsync harnesses technology in tandem with human networks to deliver personal safety outcomes, seamlessly connecting those at risk to those who care.

Maurice Blackburn

Maurice Blackburn is committed to supporting domestic and family violence organisations in Queensland to undertake the lifesaving work they do every day to assist people experiencing violence. They recognise that, as a community, we all have a part to play in putting an end to the epidemic of violence against women in Australia. Maurice Blackburn’s Women’s Network has made it a key priority to make a contribution to the organisations engaged in this important work. Their Brisbane office is partnering with DVConnect, Queensland’s leading domestic violence service, to provide a variety of professional services on a pro bono basis to help end domestic, family and sexual violence against women.

McCullough Robertson

As an organisation, McCullough Robertson will undertake the MATE Bystander training with leaders and invite members of the legal profession, as well as clients. They will actively support the Women's Legal Service–through pro bono work and fundraising–and continue to evolve their policy and practices to ensure they are best practice through active involvement and sharing across business.


MinterEllison is committed to continuing its work to raise awareness of and take action in relation to the prevention of domestic and family violence and its effects in the workplace and our communities through a range of initiatives including:

  • the continued implementation and ongoing refinement of its Domestic and Family Violence Policy and Employee Assistance Program providing specialist domestic violence counselling support
  • ongoing community and pro bono legal support for people impacted by domestic and family violence and organisations who assist them, such as the firm’s longstanding partnership with Australia's CEO Challenge and involvement in organising and participating in the annual Darkness to Daylight Challenge
  • working with others to share initiatives, raise awareness and inspire action.

National Retail Association

The National Retail Association (NRA) is one of Australia’s largest and most representative retail industry organisations, servicing more than 28,000 retail and fast food outlets nationwide. NRA is a union for employers, dedicated to helping retail and service sector businesses navigate and comply with an ever-changing, highly competitive environment. Due to its position as a trusted source of advice, the NRA is encouraging retail businesses to educate employees about how domestic and family violence affects the workplace, and how businesses can address and respond to this issue and more effectively support women affected by violence. The NRA is passionate about assisting its members, and the wider retail industry, to navigate the complexities of these issues and assisting the government in reducing the instances of domestic and family violence.

Pine Rivers Netball Association

Pine Rivers Netball Association (PRNA) supports its members and treats them as family. PRNA won't stand for any form of domestic or family violence in its community and firmly believes its association is where their members should feel safe to play and watch the game they love. PRNA will continue to work with Netball QLD to promote the prevention of domestic and family violence and offer local organisations the opportunity to have a presence each game day to raise awareness about the issue.

Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service (QIFVLS) in Cairns is committed to providing a free legal service for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people affected by family violence and/or sexual assault in Queensland.


  • help explain legal rights and responsibilities
  • outline various options and steps to solve your legal problems
  • go to court and support clients through the process
  • connect to free counselling and support services such as health, housing and financial advisors
  • offer information sessions, factsheets and resources in the areas of law, child protection, domestic and family violence, family law, victims assistance, witness assistance law and victim support (sexual assault).

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – and their children – who are experiencing or have experienced family violence or sexual assault and are living in Queensland are eligible for QIFVLS services.

QIFVLS pledges to build and maintain strong relationships with community groups, schools and service providers through displays and information booths, presenting education sessions (legal or non-legal) and holding and attending community events.

Safe Comm Pac

Safe Comm Pac in Jindalee is taking the pledge and will be promoting its position on preventing domestic and family violence in social media activities during Domestic and Family Violence Month in May 2020. This includes liking and sharing #notnownotever official posts from the Queensland Government.

SEE Group

SEE Group is committed to changing the attitudes and behaviours that lead to violence against family members and supporting employees affected by it. The organisation will achieve this by providing assistance to employees experiencing domestic and family violence, with the aim of supporting their safety and their continued participation in employment, and ensuring they are not disadvantaged because of their situation. SEE Group is committed to the prevention of domestic and family violence and will promote equal and respectful relationships between women and men, and challenge the condoning of violence against women. They will challenge gender stereotypes in the construction industry and promote women's independence and decision making. All employees are required to demonstrate behaviour that does not support or promote domestic and family violence (or any other form of violence), or unequal relationships between men and women.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers

Slater and Gordon Lawyers pledges to work toward a Queensland where everyone is equal and free from violence. Slater and Gordon Lawyers commits to playing their role, working within their organisation and in partnership with others to raise awareness, improve prevention and provide practical assistance to end domestic and family violence. Slater and Gordon Lawyers recognises as leaders in the corporate and community sectors they have a vital role to play and they agree to use their networks to activate others to join in this shared objective of keeping everyone safe from violence.


Telstra is committed to taking action to prevent domestic and family violence. Telstra is doing this by:

  • being involved in the Male Champions of Change–CEO Andy Penn is a member of this group which aims to elevate gender equality as an issue of national and international social and economic importance
  • partnering with the Women’s Services Network (WESNET) on the organisation’s Safe Connections Program which assists women impacted by domestic violence by providing access to safe and secure communications
  • offering up to 10 days of paid leave for employees experiencing domestic and family violence
  • piloting the Mates Bystander Program in Queensland, an education and intervention program designed to teach community members how to recognise abuse and have the confidence to speak out and offer help
  • being a White Ribbon accredited organisation.

VM Family Law

VM Family Law is committed to providing accessible legal assistance to clients who have been subjected to incidents of domestic violence, by offering pro bono and legal aid services and working collaboratively with other domestic violence organisations. VM Family Law is committed to raising the level of education within the legal profession, to ensure better representation of lawyers working within this field.

Wave Realty

Wave Realty in Sandgate feels a personal responsibility towards the health and safety of its team and tenants. Wave Realty is committed to a zero tolerance policy towards domestic and family violence (DFV) of any kind and takes action to achieve this by:

  • ensuring all tenants know Wave Realty will provide any practical assistance necessary to ensure their safety; this includes acting as a safe contact and providing safety resources and contacts to them
  • building a safe workplace culture for the team; starting in 2020 Wave Realty will distribute DFV contact cards to each new tenant as a commitment to reducing DFV in our community.

As a part of the community Wave Realty recognises its vital role in the prevention of DFV and pledges to take action towards this cause.

Where to get help

If you are in immediate danger, phone the police on Triple Zero (000).

For help and advice: