Gordonvale's month of cyberbullying awareness

November 2019 was cyberbullying awareness month at Gordonvale State High School thanks to a Tackle Cyberbullying grant secured by the school's parents and citizens association.

Activities during the month ranged from using a flyer design competition to promote anti-cyberbullying messages through to sharing these messages with the wider community through holding a small fete. Gordonvale SHS junior secondary students were closely involved in planning and implementing all the activities.

Students were asked to design a flyer that that used either statistics or emotion to create awareness of cyberbullying. The flyers were shared throughout the school and wider community.

They also conducted a cyberbullying survey and presented the survey's findings to the school's administration team. This has helped the administration team to explore cyberbullying and cybersafety issues students face and develop targeted resources for the 2020 school year to help students deal with these issues.

Students shot and edited a short film that focused on the challenges students face on social media (with a particular focus on cyberbullying) and strategies to help them manage these issues.

Kids Helpline and local police liaison officers presented ThinkUKnow and other cybersafety programs designed to inform students on how they can maximise their online safety and security. More than 450 students participated in these sessions.

The final event of the cyberbullying month of activities was a mini fete and information session. The broader community were invited to attend and enjoy inflatable amusements and a meal after attending a cyberbullying information session presented by Kids Helpline.

This session focussed on encouraging young people who observe cyberbullying to speak up and report the bullying to a trusted adult or teacher.

 Pictured: Local police liaison officers presented the ThinkUKnow cybersafety program to Gordonvale SHS junior secondary students as part of the school's month of anti-cyberbullying activities.