Video offers advice for young people

A video produced by the Gladstone PCYC youth management team is helping other local young people deal with cyberbullying and encouraging them to seek help when they need it.

Gladstone PCYC's youth management team were able to establish just what cyberbullying is to them and identify ways in which they have dealt with it and how PCYC Gladstone has assisted to combat it.

Gladstone PCYC Youth Worker Bec Frost said young people were closely involved in developing the video, and had firm ideas about how it should look and the messages they wanted to get across.

'They didn't want it to be too long, thought it should a bit uplifting, connect people to the PCYC, and not be like every other awareness video,' Bec said.

The team came up with 4 questions to be discussed in the video:

    1. What is cyberbullying to you?
    2. What are the emotional effects of cyberbullying?
    3. Who can you turn to for support?
    4. PCYC is a safe and familiar space for young people in the community. What programs and activities do we have here that they can come and use?

The video was launched at a free afternoon barbecue on 12 December 2019, with young people and community members. Attendees were invited to also share their answers to the video's questions on big sheets of cardboard to promote further discussion about cyberbullying.

The video has since been shared through Gladstone PCYC’s social media pages and website.

Watch the video.

Gladstone PCYC

Pictured: The Gladstone PCYC youth management team enjoyed working together on their anti-cyberbullying video.