My child is a cyberbully

Finding out your child is a cyberbully can be confronting and upsetting. The best advice is to stay calm, get all the facts and then talk to your child about what’s going on. Find out how to approach the situation and put an end to the cyberbullying – don’t wait for it to go away.

I am worried my child might be bullying others

Finding out that your child is bullying others can be very painful, but you can help them to change.

Children who cyberbully

A cyberbully uses technology to intentionally hurt another person. Learn about the signs that your child may be a cyberbully and how to help them change their behaviour.

Helping kids to stop cyberbullying

Reinforcing positive online behaviour with your child will encourage them to treat others kindly.

Parents, take charge

As a parent you need to send a clear message that any kind of bullying is never acceptable.

Responsible digital citizenship

Responsible digital citizens do not cyberbully other people. Encourage respectful online behaviour from early on.

Encourage positive online behaviour

Here are some ways you can demonstrate positive online behaviour and encourage your child to do the same.