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Carer Connect – Carer Updates ‘On the Go’ Posted: Monday 7 December 2020

A visual of where carers can update the 'Who Am I' functionality in the Carer Connect app. Example shows the 'I like' and 'I don't really like' sections and the ability to add a new item.

The Carer Connect app, which carers can use to access important information about children and young people in their care, has recently been updated. Under its Who am I functionality, carers can add information about children and young people in their care in relation to their strengths, likes, dislikes and things they need help with. The recent update means that carers will receive a notification to their phone when there has been a change made to this section by other carers — real time communication between carers that’s also creating and storing a narrative for children and young people.

For example, let’s say that Paul is the primary carer for Sarah, and Emma is Sarah’s respite carer. Paul has been using Carer Connect to update the Who am I section for Sarah. Sarah then goes for her respite stay with Emma, who notices that Sarah has really improved at riding her bike and that she seems more confident in general. Emma takes out her Carer Connect app and updates the "I am..." section in Who am I and adds “confident” as a strength with a few little notes why.

Paul, the primary carer, will immediately be notified of this new information by way of a notification on his phone and can log into the app and see what it is. Sarah’s Child Safety Officer also receives an email encouraging them to check Kicbox to see what's been updated, as the story for Sarah is also automatically recorded in the kickbox app.

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Screenshot of a Carer Connect push notification. Notification reads: Who Am I Item edited! Jackson has edited 'Food' in the section 'I don't really like...' for Antony.

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