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  1. Women's Strategy

Women's Strategy

Women and Men Profile

The Women and Men Profile is an interactive online tool that allows users to generate statistical reports about females and males in Queensland across a range of themes and topics in the selected regions of interest.

Queensland Women's Strategy

The strategy outlines the Queensland Government’s vision for women and girls: that the Queensland community respects women, embraces gender equality and promotes and protects the rights, interests and wellbeing of all women and girls.

It focuses effort in 4 priority areas: participation and leadership; economic security; safety; and health and wellbeing.

Community Implementation Plan

The plan provides a list of initiatives that government, business and the community have committed to delivering, working together to achieve gender equality in Queensland.

New initiatives and new actions will be added to the plan as work progresses, new ideas are generated and resources identified.

With the support of the private and non-government sectors as well as the community, we can make gender equality a reality.

Women on Boards initiative

We have developed a Women on Boards website that provides a range of resources to support achievement of gender parity on boards.

These resources will assist anyone who is working on boosting women’s representation on government, business and community boards, as well as women seeking board appointments.

This initiative of the Queensland Women's Strategy aims to address the priorities of women’s participation, leadership and economic security.

We have set bold and ambitious targets for women on boards, and are supporting and encouraging others to do the same.

Contribute to the Community Implementation Plan

Achieving gender equality in Queensland is everybody’s responsibility and the benefits will be shared by all. If your organisation or business has an initiative that supports Queensland women in the priority areas of participation and leadership, economic security, safety, or health and wellbeing, add your initiative so we can profile it in the Queensland Women’s Strategy Community Implementation Plan.

Success stories

Queenslanders are already making strides in achieving gender equality.

Community organisations and businesses are putting inspired policies and programs in place to boost women's workforce participation and improve their health, wellbeing and economic security.

Read some examples and submit your success story.