Participation and leadership

The big issues

Queensland women entering the workforce can, and should, dream big. Women are now leaders and innovators across a vast range of industries, including healthcare, business, government, finance and community services. Women are also taking up roles in increasing numbers in traditionally male-dominated fields. It appears there is nothing stopping modern women — but the evidence shows this is not the case.

The big issues for women in participation and leadership are:

  • women’s access to male-dominated occupations and industries such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics, building, construction, mining and agriculture
  • access to flexible work arrangements for everyone
  • women’s workforce participation
  • women in leadership positions.

Addressing these big issues will help Queensland women realise their dreams and will benefit society in general. Organisations with gender balanced leadership show better financial performance, access the widest talent and skill pool available to them, and are more responsive to clients and broader stakeholders.

Snapshot of what government is doing

  • We are committed to increasing the number of women on boards in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Our research has shown that diversity of gender on boards provides financial, performance and social benefits. A range of resources are available to assist in making a positive difference for gender parity in Queensland.
  • Implementing On Equal Footing: the Queensland Public Sector Gender Equity Strategy to ensure men and women have the same rights, opportunities and access to career success.
  • Delivering women’s leadership initiatives, including those to proactively increase the number of women on boards to achieve the Queensland Government’s 50% target by 2020.
  • Delivering the Advance Queensland Women’s Academic Fund to support the retention, development and progression of female researchers within Queensland-based universities and publicly funded research institutes or organisations.
  • Delivering the Queensland Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow – Home-based Business Program to help stay‑at‑home parents establish or grow home-based businesses, while keeping a healthy balance between work and family life.
  • Developing and implementing Queensland: an age–friendly community strategy to promote and support older women to be active and engaged in their community.
  • Developing and implementing a strategy to support young women and girls to achieve their full potential.

Actions and initiatives

The Queensland Women's Strategy proposed a range of actions that would progress gender equality in Queensland.

Commitments made by the Queensland Government, community and private sector partners to deliver on these proposals are listed below each proposed action.