The big issues

Queenslanders are increasingly outraged by violence against women and domestic homicide. There are human rights, health and wellbeing, and economic imperatives to respond to violence against women and girls and to ensure that they feel safe in their homes and communities.

The big safety issues for Queensland women are:

  • whole-of-community approach to prevention, including awareness of how gender inequality contributes to violence against women
  • understanding the incidence and best responses to:
    • sexual violence
    • stalking
    • elder abuse
    • female genital mutilation
    • forced and servile marriage
    • trafficking
    • online harassment and abuse
  • high rates of violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women
  • engagement of men and boys in actions to prevent violence against women and girls.

We need to learn more about all forms of violence experienced by women, so we can determine how the Queensland Government, the private sector and the community can prevent it. We will work together to:

  • support women and girls in a way that meets their particular needs
  • ensure client-centred services and sensitive justice responses are available, particularly for the most vulnerable groups of women and girls
  • hold male perpetrators accountable.

Snapshot of what government is doing

Actions and initiatives

The Queensland Women's Strategy proposed a range of actions that would progress gender equality in Queensland.

Commitments made by the Queensland Government, community and private sector partners to deliver on these proposals are listed below each proposed action.

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If you are involved in delivering an initiative to support gender equality in Queensland, it could be profiled in the Community Implementation Plan.

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