Unborn children

If the information received by our department indicates that an unborn child may be at risk of harm after they are born and will not have a parent able and willing to protect them from harm, a notification will be recorded and an investigation and assessment will be conducted.

  • The purpose of an investigation and assessment prior to the birth of a child is to offer help and support to the pregnant woman to reduce the likelihood of our involvement being needed with the family after the birth of the child.
  • The consent of the pregnant woman will be sought prior to interviewing the pregnant woman and progressing the investigation and assessment.
  • Any intervention by our department to provide support, can only occur with the consent of the pregnant woman.
  • If an investigation and assessment is completed and the unborn child is assessed as not being in need of protection, the pregnant woman, with her consent, can be referred to a Family and Child Connect (FACC) Service.

If the unborn child is assessed as being in need of protection after birth, we will offer ongoing help and support to the pregnant women.