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  3. 10. General
  4. 10.10 Warrant for the apprehension of a child
  5. Key Steps
  6. 2. Enact a warrant

2. Enact a warrant

2.1 Involve the Queensland Police Service

Upon receipt of the warrant:

  • contact the local QPS
  • complete Police referral fax and fax it to the QPS, along with a copy of the warrant
  • arrange for the joint execution of the warrant to remove or recover the child.

2.2 Record a warrant in ICMS

To record a warrant in ICMS:

2.3 Enter a place to execute warrant

Prior to entering a place where the child is believed to be:

  • show official identification to the person
  • provide the person with a copy of the warrant or duplicate warrant
  • explain that the officer is legally authorised by the warrant to enter and search the place to find the child.

Make contact with the child to:

  • explain what is happening, in an age and developmentally appropriate manner
  • respond to any concerns or questions they may have
  • attend to their immediate well-being and safety
  • explain the arrangements for their placement with an approved carer, or their return to their regular placement.

In circumstances where a child may have been removed to another state, refer to Chapter 10.18 Interstate and New Zealand matters.