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  6. 4. Respond to an incident of aggressive behaviour

4. Respond to an incident of aggressive behaviour

Following an incident of verbally or physically aggressive behaviour:

  • take time to acknowledge the exposure to aggression and the impact this has had - discuss the incident with a line manager, workplace health and safety representative, a colleague, the Employee Assistance Service or another person who can provide support and assistance
  • consult with the line manager about future contact and interactions with the client - involvement with the QPS may be required
  • communicate to the aggressor the inappropriateness of their actions, the identified triggers of the incident, the departmental policy in relation to zero tolerance, the ramifications of the incident, future expected behaviours and future communication arrangements
  • record the information, as per relevant departmental policies in:

Team leaders or line managers will discuss and communicate with workgroup members the importance of employee safety, and methods and processes to ensure the safety of the workplace.