10.13 The video taping or recording of departmental staff


This procedure outlines processes for supporting the privacy of all departmental (Child Safety) staff when being video or audio taped in the workplace and in circumstances when they become aware of footage or personal details of staff being inappropriately published.

Key steps

  1. Implement actions when staff are video taped or audio recorded while performing work duties
  2. Implement actions when the personal details or footage of a staff member are inappropriately published
  3. Consider preventative strategies for enhancing personal privacy and safety


  1. Clients who record, or intend to record (video or audio) departmental staff while they undertake their duties, are informed of the confidentiality requirements under the Child Protection Act 1999, including the possible implications should they commit an offence by breaching the confidentiality provisions under the Child Protection Act 1999.
  2. The video or audio recording of a staff member is reported to Communications.
  3. Departmental staff consider, and where appropriate, implement preventative strategies for enhancing their personal privacy and safety.