2. Make an after hours referral

2.1 Make an after hours referral

The primary communication tool between the CSAHSC and CSSCs or RISs is the Child Safety After Hours Service Centre: After hours referral form.

The purpose of this form is to provide the CSAHSC with:

  • current information regarding client families where after hours contact is considered likely
  • advice about a predicted situation and the contingencies developed by the CSSC or RIS in response to the situation
  • clear instructions and rationale for any requested action, for example:
    • an application for a TAO
    • returning a child to a placement
    • assessment of a presenting after hours scenario and the action necessary to ensure a child's safety
    • liaising with the CPIU to determine the immediate safety of a child
    • details of placement options arranged if placements are anticipated or required.

When requesting specific action by the CSAHSC, CSSC or RIS staff will:

  • complete the 'Child Safety After Hours Service Centre: After hours referral form' and ensure the team leader approves the information provided and action requested
  • complete any necessary supporting documentation (unless in exceptional circumstances), for example:
    • a draft TAO or TCO application
    • advice of placement options
  • cut and paste the 'Child Safety After Hours Service Centre: After hours referral form' into a 'Referral' case note (as per the drop down list for ICMS case note types) and title it 'After Hours Referral'.

The team leader must phone the CSAHSC team leader to advise them of the after hours referral (including the ICMS event number and client names) and negotiate the specific action to be undertaken).

Together, the CSSCs and RISs are responsible for the completion of all intake activities, investigation and assessments, the development of case plans and referrals to other agencies, and consultation with recognised entities during business hours, where there are no recognised entities funded for after hours consultation. A referral to the CSAHSC is appropriate when additional after hours support is required to ensure practice standards are met and a child's safety cannot be ensured outside normal business hours.

2.2 Additional services

The CSAHSC also has the capacity to provide:

  • emergency relief
  • emergency commercial accommodation
  • emergency transport, for example, a rail warrant.

These services are only to be considered when all other viable options have been exhausted. Decisions regarding the use of these options must be clearly recorded in accordance with the CSAHSC recording requirements.