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What ifs

1. What if conflict arises between the CSAHSC and a CSSC or RIS?

At times conflict may arise between the CSAHSC and a CSSC or RIS. This may relate to a specific case-related issue or an issue between staff members. If immediate resolution is not possible, or the issue is of a more serious nature, refer the matter to either the CSAHSC team leader (or CSAHSC senior practitioner if the team leader is not available) or CSSC or RIS team leader for resolution between team leaders. Discussion between the CSAHSC and CSSC or RIS managers is the next level of resolution, if required.

If the conflict occurs in relation to decision-making and the recording of child protection concerns, the conflict must be resolved in a timely manner, to ensure compliance with departmental procedures and timeframes. For example, a disagreement over the appropriateness of a 24 hour response timeframe for a notification must be resolved within 24 hours. Where team leaders are involved, the team leader who approved the original decision should be consulted.

For further information refer to Chapter 10.6 Downgrading or deleting an approved notification.

Addressing issues as they arise is an important aspect of building relationships between the CSAHSC and CSSC or RISs and contributing to improved outcomes and consistent delivery of services to children and families who come into contact with the child protection system.

For further information refer to Chapter 1, 13. What if there is disagreement with a RIS intake decision?