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11. Record information

The delivery of services to parents considering adoption for a child, a child subject to an adoption care agreement, parents consenting to a child's adoption and other adoption services must be recorded in ACMS regardless of whether the primary case worker is an adoption officer or a CSO from the relevant CSSC.

If a CSO is the primary case worker they must, provide the Adoption Services team leader with all information, case notes and other documentation regarding the services delivered to the parent, child and foster carers so that the Adoption Services team leader can arrange for appropriate records to be made in ACMS.

Any information recorded by a CSO in ICMS must comply with confidentiality requirements of the Adoption Act 2009, section 314.

In order to comply with this requirement and ensure the confidentiality of a person's details, all adoptive children's birth names will be classified as sensitive and will remain on the system as such. In some cases, the birth parents have other children who are not adopted, and may be subject to child protection intervention. In these cases, the birth parents names will be classified as either standard or sensitive, as guided by Adoption Services. For further information, refer to Chapter 10.5 Recording sensitivity.

The CSO is also responsible for creating and managing client files in the CSSC regarding the provision of adoption services in accordance with the Recordkeeping policy.

Adoption Services is responsible for responding to all inquires about adoption information and access to adoption information once adoption orders have been granted, in accordance with the Adoption Act 2009, part 11. Requests by persons to exchange or access adoption information must be directed to Adoption Services.