4. Provide pre-consent counselling to parents

The primary case worker is responsible for providing prescribed information and delivering pre-consent counselling about the prescribed information.

Prescribed information needs to be given in a way that parents understand and includes information about:

  • options other than adoption
  • support (financial and otherwise) that may be available to the parent whether or not adoption of the child proceeds
  • possible psychological effects for the parent consenting to the adoption and for the child being adopted
  • how and when the parents consent to the adoption may be revoked
  • how the parents may provide preferences relating to the child’s adoption, including the characteristics of the adoptive parents and the degree of openness in the adoption
  • the adoption process under the Adoption Act 2009, including the consents required, the process for recruiting, assessing and selecting prospective adoptive parents, the functions of the chief executive and the role of the Childrens Court
  • the legal effect of adoption
  • the rights and responsibilities of all parties to an adoption, including those relating to adoption plans and access to information.

If the child to be adopted is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person, prescribed information also includes:

  • options other than adoption for the child’s long term care in accordance with Aboriginal tradition and Island custom
  • the importance of the child being cared for in a way that helps develop and maintain a connection with customs and preserves and enhances the child’s sense of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander identity.