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4. Delete a notification

When a request to delete a notification is approved by the CSSC manager because there are duplicate notifications recorded within one intake event or when duplicate intake events have been created, the following steps will occur:

  • the CSSC manager will email approval for the deletion of the notification to the team leader and CSO - a copy of this email is to be attached to the child's intake event in ICMS that is not to be deleted
  • the team leader must ensure that all the information recorded in both notifications is contained in the notification that is not to be deleted, prior to deleting the duplicate notification
  • the team leader must ensure that additional text is added to the supervisor's comments section of both notifications, about the deletion process, including the rationale for the decision to delete the notification
  • the team leader must ensure that any documentation in the investigation and assessment event is recorded elsewhere in ICMS, for example, in a case note, and then delete the investigation and assessment event, ensuring that a rationale is also recorded.

Note: A notification is not be deleted in response to receiving subsequent mitigating information about the child protection concerns already recorded and approved.