Key steps

1. Decide the type of ongoing intervention

1.1 Decide the type of intervention required
1.2 Decide the type of intervention - child not in need of protection
1.3 Decide the type of intervention - child in need of protection
1.4 Engage and support the child and parents in decision-making
1.5 Implement case management responsibilities
1.6 Record case management information in ICMS

2. Consult with OCFOS and make a referral to DCPL 

2.1 General factors informing a recommendation about the type of order
2.2 Recommend an application for a directive order
2.3 Recommend an application for a supervision order
2.4 Recommend an application for a short-term custody order
2.5 Recommend an application for a short-term guardianship order
2.6 Recommend an application for a long-term guardianship order
2.7 Recommend an application for a permanent care order
2.8 Draft an affidavit for a child protection order
2.9 Recommend an application to extend, vary, revoke or revoke an order and make a new child protection order
2.10 Apply for a transition order

3. Undertake ongoing intervention activities

3.1 Undertake case planning and review processes
3.2 Undertake support planning and review processes

4. Close an ongoing intervention case

4.1 Prepare for case closure
4.2 Complete actions to close a case

What ifs - responding to specific ongoing intervention matters

1. What if the child has a long-term guardian?
2. What if the child has a permanent guardian?
3. What if new child protection concerns are received?
4. What if an ongoing intervention case needs to be transferred to another CSSC?
5. What if assistance is required with social housing?
6. What if a child is subject to ongoing intervention and youth justice intervention?
7. What if you require a child protection authority in another state or territory to provide case work assistance to a child placed interstate?
8. What if a child protection order or proceedings are to be transferred to another jurisdiction?
9. What if a matter needs to be referred to the SCAN team system?
10. What if immediate custody is required for a child in need of protection - use of a TCO?
11. What if there is a change in the individuals residing in the family home?
12. What if obvious or blatant breaches of pool fencing requirements are noticed?