Key steps

1. Place a child in care

1.1 Placement matching - an overview
1.2 Gather information to inform placement matching
1.3 Determine the appropriate level of support needs
1.4 Determine the most suitable placement type
1.5 Contact the proposed carer or service to request the placement
1.6 Assess the provision of placement information to parents
1.7 Obtain approval for the placement
1.8 Prepare for the placement
1.9 Complete a placement agreement
1.10 Provide placement information to parents
1.11 Place the child in care

2. Support a child in care

2.1 Obtain a birth certificate for a child
2.2 Obtain Medicare and Health care card details
2.3 Maintain the child’s immunisation schedule
2.4 Develop a child health passport
2.5 Respond to the child's education needs
2.6 Facilitate and monitor family contact
2.7 Provide regular respite for the child
2.8 Facilitate positive behaviour support for the child
2.9 Refer the child to Evolve, if required
2.10 Plan and support the young person's transition from care to independence
2.11 Respond to a child's disability support needs
2.12 My health record

3. Decision-making for the child

3.1 Determine who may decide a custody or guardianship matter
3.2 Facilitate decision-making - custody matter
3.3 Facilitate decision-making - guardianship matter
3.4 Communicate and record the decision
3.5 Publication of information by the media
3.6 Make medical decisions, including dental
3.7 Make counselling decisions
3.8 Make education decisions
3.9 Make sporting and recreational activities decisions - daily and overnight
3.10 Make decisions about culture and religion
3.11 Make travel decisions - intrastate or interstate
3.12 Make overseas travel decisions
3.13 Apply for a passport
3.14 Make family contact decisions
3.15 Make a change to a child's surname
3.16 Make decisions about a child's personal appearance
3.17 Make decisions about DNA testing
3.18 Decide other guardianship matters

4. Conclude the placement

4.1 Conclude the child's placement in care

What ifs - responding to specific care matters

1. What if a child requires a placement with another entity (82(1)(f))?
2. What if I have concerns about the quality of care provided to a child?
3. What if a child is to be removed from an care placement?
4. What if family contact needs to occur in a correctional facility?
5. What if a child requires or has a bank account?
6. What if a child is employed in the entertainment industry?
7. What if a child wishes to participate in a high or very high risk activity?
8. What if a decision about end of life medical treatment is required?
9. What if there is a death of a child in care?
10. What if a child is also subject to youth justice intervention?
11. What if a child or parent has an infectious or communicable disease?
12. What if another jurisdiction requests an assessment?
13. What if a young person in care receives a youth allowance or earns a wage?
14. What if a child is missing?
15. What if a child or young person is sexually abused whilst in care?
16. What if a child suffers significant detriment as a result of the the actions or inactions of Child Safety?
17. What if a child needs a placement and the carer family are not immunised or are opposed to immunisations?
18. What if a child entering care is being breastfed?
19.What if I have a complaint about the NDIS service provider?
20. What if the child's existing provider refuses to register with the NDIS?
21. What if a child with a disability is subject to dual orders?