7. Support service cases


This procedure outlines the process for undertaking and managing a support service case, in order to reduce the likelihood of future harm to a child, or an unborn child after birth, or to provide ongoing support and assistance to a young person who is transitioning to adulthood, following their eighteenth birthday.

The provision of a support service case includes the development and regular review of a support plan and the use of other government agencies and funded services, to provide support to the family, pregnant woman or young person.

Key steps

  1. Provide intervention through a support service case
  2. Review a support service case
  3. Close a support service case

What ifs - responding to specific support service case matters


  1. The parents, pregnant woman or young person consent to the support service case.
  2. All relevant participants are involved in the development of the support plan.
  3. An independent person is arranged, with a pregnant woman's consent, to help facilitate her participation and that of the unborn child's family in a support plan prior to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child's birth.
  4. A support plan is reviewed at least every six months.
  5. Intervention that exceeds 12 months is approved by the CSSC manager.

Practice skills (Key areas for reflection)

  • Have I engaged in a collaborative way with the child, parents, pregnant woman or young person?
  • Have I engaged appropriate services to assist the family to achieve the goals of the support plan?
  • Have I engaged in a way that upholds the five elements of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child placement principle?
  • Have I considered extended family members who may be available to support a pregnant woman after the birth of her child?
  • Have I assisted the young person to access resouces and services, and help establish formal and informal support networks and enduring relationships?