ACP Achievement and Capability Plan
APA form Application for Approval - Form 3 APA
ATODS  Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Services
ATSIFSS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Support Service
CAO Court Assessment Order
CCC Crime and Corruption Commission
CCR Child Concern Report
CCRU Central Complaints and Review Unit
CCYPCG* Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian
CDCRP Child Death Case Review Panel
CIB Criminal Investigation Branch
CMC Crime and Misconduct Commission (replaced by CCC)
CPG Child Protection Guide
CPIU Child Protection and Investigation Unit
CPLO Child Protection Liaison Officer
CPN Child Protection Notification
CRC - PAS Child Related Costs - Placement and Support
CRCs Child Related Costs
CSAHSC Child Safety After Hours Service Centre
CSIS Community Sector Information System
CSNA Child Strengths and Needs Assessment (SDM)
CSO Child Safety Officer
CSO-AHS Child Safety Officer - After Hours Service
CSPM Child Safety Practice Manual
CSSC Child Safety Service Centre
CSSO Child Safety Support Officer
CSU Central Screening Unit
DDU Drugs of Dependence Unit
DETE Department of Education, Training and Employment
DMS Data Management Services
ESP Educational Support Plan
ETCR Electronic Transfer of Court Results
FCA Foster Carer Agreement
FGM Family Group Meeting
FRA Family Reunification Assessment (SDM)
FRE Family Risk Evaluation (SDM)
FRRE Family Risk Re-evaluation (SDM)
HOF Helping out Families
I&A Investigation and Assessment
ICARE Interviewing Children and Recording Evidence
ICM Information Co-ordination Meeting
ICMS Integrated Client Management System
IE Intake Enquiry
IFS Intensive family support services
IJIS Integrated Justice Information Strategy
ILO Interstate Liaison Officer
IPA Intervention with Parental Agreement
LCS Licensed Care Service
LIR Limited Intake Response
LTG Long-term Guardianship
MOC Matter of Concern
NGOs Non-government organisations
OI Ongoing Intervention
OPG Office of the Public Guardian
PAC Provisionally Approved Carer
PSBA Public Safety Business Agency
PSU Placement Services Unit
QCAT Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
QED Queensland Department of Education
QFKC Queensland Foster and Kinship Care
QH Queensland Health
QPS Queensland Police Service
RAI Referral for Active Intervention
RIS Regional Intake Service
SCAN Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect
SDM Structured Decision Making
SOC Standards of Care
SOCR Standards of Care Review
SPRC Systems and Practice Review Committee
TAO Temporary Assessment Order
TCO Temporary Custody Order
TFC Transition from Care
TTI Transition to Independence

 * The CCYPCG ceased to exist on 30 June 2014 when functions moved to other agencies such as the Office of the Public Guardian and the Public Safety Business Agency.