CSPM May 2009 updates

Fifth release of the revised Child Safety Practice Manual - CSPM_May_09. Released online - 18 May 2009.

This release includes the following revised chapters in the new format:

  • Chapter 3. Ongoing intervention

There are additional practice resources attached to the revised chapter 3. These resources can be accessed via the hyperlink within the procedure, the hyperlink under resources in each chapter or Resources.

Chapter 3. Ongoing intervention

Practice changes

The practice changes included in this chapter are outlined below.

  • The inclusion of updated information about the process for assessing and approval of applications for long-term guardianship to a suitable person, including a change of delegation from the zonal director to the CSSC manager.
  • The inclusion of updated information about the requirements for contact with a child and a carer who has been granted long-term guardianship of the child.
  • A change to the transfer procedure to align with the requirements in Chapter 8: Regulation of care – that is, that the CSSC manager in the geographical area where a carer applicant lives, must be the person who approves or refuses the application for approval, prior to a child being moved from one geographical area to another.
  • The inclusion of new information about the memorandum of understanding between the Department of Child Safety and the Department of Housing 2007, which sets out an agreed framework for cooperation and collaboration, to help ensure no child who is in contact with the child protection system is harmed or placed at risk of harm because of a housing related issue.

Chapter 3 now also incorporates:

  • existing child protection order procedures that were previously in Chapter 6
  • case management information that was previously in the general procedures chapter
  • the procedure for closing a case, that was previously in Chapter 4
  • procedures for transferring proceedings and case work tasks to another jurisdiction, that were previously in Chapter 17
  • the transfer procedure for ongoing intervention cases that was previously in Chapter 11
  • existing child protection and youth justice interface procedures that were previously in Chapter 16
  • the inclusion of links to six related practice resources.

Practice resources

The following practice resources are attached to Chapter 3:

  • Completing the joint action plan
  • Long-term guardianship assessment factors
  • Overview of referral and planning process with Department of Housing
  • Transferring an ongoing intervention case
  • Writing an affidavit
  • Youth justice: an overview