CSPM September 2008 updates

Released online - 15 September 2008.

This release includes two revised chapters in the new format:

  • Chapter 1. Intake
  • Chapter 8. Regulation of care

There are additional practice resources attached to each of the revised chapters. These resources can be accessed within the procedures, under resources in each chapter or via the Resources section.

The revision of the practice manual also includes a new look for the website, which incorporates the departmental corporate identity.

Chapter 1. Intake

Practice changes

The practice changes included in Chapter 1 are outlined below.

  • The requirement to approve all structured decision making tools at intake within 24 hours in ICMS, is removed.
  • The requirement to approve 24 hour notifications in ICMS within 24 hours remains the same, and there is a new requirement to approve all 5 and 10 day notifications in ICMS within 5 working days.

Practice resources

  • Child concern report responses and referrals
  • Communicating with the notifier
  • Information gathering guide
  • Key concepts for intake
  • Notifiers and mandatory notifiers
  • Recording notification information
  • Response priority and definition
  • Schedule of criminal offences
  • Screening criteria and definitions
  • The role of the CSO at intake
  • Vexatious and malicious notifiers

Chapter 8. Regulation of care

Practice changes

The practice changes included in Chapter 8 are outlined below.

  • The mandatory requirement to photocopy identification documents for carer applications is removed.
  • When one applicant is absent due to interstate or overseas work:
    • the  applicant couple can be conditionally approved, when one applicant is unable to participate in Pre-service training
    • the applicant couple's renewal of approval can be conditionally approved, when one applicant is unable to complete Standard training
    • guidance is provided for the assessment and approval process in the above circumstances.
  • The following activities are now discretionary for foster carer applicants:
    • the conduct of referee checks at initial approval
    • the conduct of medical checks
    • the completion of learning journals associated with foster carer training
    • participation in ongoing training for approved foster carers, following the completion of Standard training and one two year period of Advanced training.
  • The carer assessment forms (Forms 3A and 3B) have been streamlined and amended to reflect the discretionary nature of medical and referee checks and changes to ongoing training requirements - new resource guidelines for the completion of Forms 3A and 3B are provided.
  • The inclusion of the option to complete mandatory household safety requirements only, prior to granting provisional approval - with the household safety study completed in its entirety prior to deciding the substantive application for approval as a foster or kinship carer.
  • The referral of former foster and kinship carers to Foster and Kinship Care Queensland, for the purpose of QFKC conducting exit interviews, using a new form 'Advice to QFKC: End of Carer Approval'.
  • The Form 2: Household Safety Study has been changed - removal of all 'Source Information' except the 'Home safety checklist' and the inclusion of updated information regarding mandatory fire safety requirements.

Practice resources

The following practice resources are now available:

  • Approved carers: an overview
  • Assessment of kinship carer applicants
  • Comparison of the key steps for the regulation of care
  • Completing the Certificate of Approval
  • Key concepts for the regulation of care
  • Legislative requirements for the approval of kinship carers
  • Mandatory advice to blue card applicants
  • Meeting the statement of standards 
  • Negotiating support arrangements for approved carers
  • Reviewing the Foster Carer Agreement
  • Understanding personal history checks