Continuous learning

Foster and Kinship Care Agencies will work with carers to update a learning plan to reflect the carer’s learning and development needs.

Continuous learning modules may be provided by your agency or you may access available training externally from a range of providers within the community such as:

Kinship carers and long-term guardians may also access continuous learning modules  to support their care of a child or young person.

If you are a foster or kinship carer who would like to access continuous learning opportunities, you can contact your foster and kinship care service for more information.

Please note the following modules are currently under review.

  • Caring for children and young people who have experienced sexual abuse

    This continuous learning module is part of ongoing learning and development for the foster carers. The purpose of the module is to ensure all participants are clear about what child sexual abuse is and the ways to recognise the signs and signals children and young people may exhibit when they have experienced sexual abuse.

  • Attachment

    The topic for this continuous learning training module is attachment issues for children and young people subject to child protection intervention and is part of ongoing learning and development for the foster care role.

  • Infectious diseases

    This resource is a training module designed to provide an understanding of the general principles and practices in relation to infectious diseases.

  • Ready, set, fly! A parent's guide to teaching life skills

    Ready set fly was developed by Casey Family Programs to use when teaching life skills. It outlines a range of life skills and provides activities with children based on their age level.

  • Loss and grief for children in care

    Loss and grief for children in care is a training module designed to provide carers with the basic concepts of loss and grief and strategies to assist children and young people facing these issues.

  • Positive and protective series

    The Positive and protective series modules cover a broad range of topics relating to sexual health and self protection.

  • Strategies for Managing Abuse Related Trauma (SMART)

    SMART is an online training program developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation and the Government of South Australia.