Hope and healing

The Hope and Healing Framework - Queensland’s trauma-informed framework to support foster carers in their caring work with children, young people and their families (Hope and Healing Framework for Foster Care) sets out the foundation for supporting children and young people in foster care in a way that understands and responds to trauma-related needs and other complex needs and is therapeutic in approach.

The Hope and Healing Framework for Foster carers also provides the overarching framework for the Hope and Healing foster carer training.

The Hope and Healing foster carer training which consists of 10 modules available as both an online self-paced learning environment for foster carers as well as in an offline setting for in person delivery when required by agencies.

The training modules form part of the mandatory Starting Out training all foster carers have to complete during their first 12 months as an approved carer in line with the foster carer training guidelines.

Carers access to Hope and Healing training will be provided by their foster and kinship care agency.

Further information is also available on PeakCare Queensland