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Roma Child Safety team shows support through new t-shirts

Our team at the Roma Child Safety Service Centre (CSSC) is proudly showing their commitment to building their cultural capability, with new t-shirts featuring the art of a young Aboriginal child connected to their centre.

The Roma Child Safety Service Centre team is smiling at the camera wearing their new t-shirts.

The idea was sparked by the 2018 ‘Wear it Wednesday’ challenge, which called on staff to wear a piece of clothing featuring Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artwork on it.

The challenge was initially a way for staff to visually show their support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across Queensland as part of NAIDOC Week celebrations.

The Roma CSSC team decided to take the challenge one step further, turning ‘Wear it Wednesday’ into a weekly activity.

The idea of printing artwork on a t-shirt was the brainchild of team members Casey and Natalie.

When Child Safety Officer, Memory, identified a talented young Aboriginal artist she supports, it was the perfect opportunity to feature the young person’s artwork on the team’s new shirts.

Senior Team Leader Rebecca says it has been a great opportunity to support a talented child connected to their centre.

“The child had been in and out of care for a long period of time.

“It has been really empowering for them; we’ve organised for the young person to economically participate in this project from each sale of a shirt.

“Through this project, the child was also able to reconnect with their culture and is now stable back in their community,” Rebecca says.

They worked with the young person to create 2 designs and teamed up with Urban Dog Tees–a company that provides employment opportunities ‘for young men and women who have not had the best start in life’–to produce the shirts.

The final t-shirt designs and the child’s initial drawings.

Memory said the young person was so excited when she dropped the shirts off, quickly trying them on and proudly parading them around to their siblings.

The Roma CSSC team is now excited for the second order of shirts to be delivered, with the first order sold out as staff were quick to nab one (if not both!) of the bright t-shirts.

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