Questions and answers

What changes would I notice?

There would be very few, if any, changes and there will be no changes to the facade.

Who would operate the centre?

The Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs would operate the Caloundra centre. It would be staffed with highly experienced and well-trained youth detention workers.

How would it operate?

The centre would only operate when the youth detention centres are at or near capacity. Young people remanded into custody by courts during these periods would be held at the short-term remand centre for short periods of time before being moved to another youth detention centre. It is possible the centre may not be in use regularly or even at all throughout the course of each year, but it is critical to community safety to plan for additional capacity if it is required.

Where would the young people held at the centre be from?

When operating, it is likely young people living in South East Queensland would be held at the centre. This would include young people who ordinarily live in the Sunshine Coast region.

Would young offenders be released from the centre?

No. Young people who are no longer in custody would be transported back to their community. If young people live in this area, they would be released here, as is currently the case.

Would young people be visible entering, within or nearby the centre?

No young people would be visible. Young people would be transported by secure vehicles to a secure internal area and securely managed there for the duration of their custody.

Would the centre be completely secure?

Yes. The current Caloundra Watchhouse is an operating watchhouse and therefore, completely secure. This would continue to be the case, with the safety of local residents maintained.

What age would the young people held at the centre be?

The young people would be aged between 10 and 17 years. It would no longer be used for adults.