Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan 2021–2025 (PDF, 454 KB) Strategic Plan 2021–2025 (DOCX, 1.3 MB) provides strong vision and purpose, clear objectives and strategies and demonstrates how we contribute to the government's objectives for the community.

Our vision is for Queenslanders to be safe and thriving in families, communities and culture.

Our department supports children, young people and their families to be safe and to thrive in culture and communities.

Our contribution to the government's objectives for the community

Safeguarding our health: We safeguard the health and wellbeing of our staff and clients, and ensure our services, practice and workforce are pandemic-ready.

Supporting jobs: We provide funding that supports jobs with non-government service providers contributing to sustaining the diversification of the Queensland economy.

Growing our region: We provide funding to regional non-government service providers, contributing to promoting the attraction of people, talent, investment and economic.

Investing in skills: We fund programs and service initiatives providing skill development and training opportunities to children and young people in our care and in the youth justice system, and to migrant and refugee communities.

Backing our frontline services: We deliver diversified and culturally responsive frontline services in child protection, youth justice and multicultural affairs and contribute to community safety.

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