It can be hard, but you get to help some of our most vulnerable people and show them some light.

Ashlii — Child Safety Officer

Meet our people

Working as a Child Safety Officer is perhaps the most rewarding career choice you can make if you’ve studied social work, human services or psychology.

For Brigitte, it’s about working with families who are vulnerable or in crisis. It’s about helping parents overcome their hardships by focussing on their strengths so their children can grow up in stable and loving homes.

“I became a Child Safety Officer because I saw it as a way to keep kids safe and affect real change,” says Brigitte.

“There can be challenges, but the support you get from your team is everything. They help you learn, and they have your back.

“Every day, you are achieving something. Every day, you are learning something, and every day is a chance to do good.”

Our Child Safety Officers all have one thing in common — they aspire to make meaningful change in the lives of vulnerable children and young people.

For Ashlii, it’s about hearing what the kids need.

“Growing up, I was a child in care, and that experience allows me to see the importance of involving kids in the conversation,” says Ashlii.

“It's a privilege to be involved in someone's life and showing them that people are willing to walk alongside them, and that I will listen and honour their story.

“It can be hard, but you get to help some of our most vulnerable people and show them some light.”

Children and young people are the most vulnerable people in our society. If you were presented with an opportunity to help keep them safe, what would you do?

For Luke, working as a Child Safety Officer with young people means hearing their voice and giving them the power to be heard.

“Hope is one of the biggest things for these kids,” says Luke.

“Do more for them, don’t just do enough. They want someone to get behind them and weather the storm with them.

“All I want for them is to have the best opportunity.”

Child protection is a career that grows with you. When you work for our department, you’ll always be part of a supportive team and receive quality supervision and training.

For Lucy, it’s about learning how to hone your skills.

“Communication is key. It’s about the relationships you build with children, families and colleagues,” says Lucy.

“You're not going to know everything right off the bat and that's okay. We have resources and a close-knit team who are here to support you.

“This role provides you the opportunity to be resilient, learn how to juggle priorities and hone your skills.”

We want children to grow up safe and connected to identity, kin and culture.

Veronica always wanted to work with Indigenous families.

“Culture is an important part of what I bring to the table. Culture is everything, it’s who I am, and I am happy and proud to be black,” says Veronica.

“Identity is so important for a child’s wellbeing, but we need safety within that culture. It’s about working with the families, extended families and community, and having the conversation.”

For Veronica, it’s about respect, honesty and listening to their side of the story.

“There’s no us or them, we all work together. We’re all here to keep kids safe, no matter what colour we are.”

Why you'll love working with us

We help make positive change

Our Child Safety Officers often say it's a privilege to help families during critical times of their lives. Yes, it's hard but it's also rewarding when vulnerable families get the support they need to make positive changes.

We all work together

You'll be part of a truly supportive team with resources, training and team leaders to provide mentoring and guidance with making case-work decisions.

We're flexible

We offer a range of incentives to help balance work and life, whether it's working from home, working part-time or having flexible start and finish times.

We're innovative

We listen and are genuinely open to new ideas. If you have ideas about how we can do things differently, we're open to hearing what you have to say so we can continuously improve services to our communities.

We offer lots of opportunities for career progression

If you're ambitious, our department is the right place to be because we support career progression. You can start as a Child Safety Officer and progress to more senior positions. In fact, quite a few of our senior executive leaders began their careers as Child Safety Officers!

What our Child Safety Officers say

5 best things about being a Child Safety Officer: 1) The role is challenging and supports personal and professional growth. 2) Your colleagues are some of the most supportive people you'll ever work with. They keep you going on the tough days. 3) No 2 cases are the same. You're always learning new skills and applying them in different ways. 4) Knowing that you do make a difference. 5) It's a career you can be really proud of! 5 most challenging things about being a Child Safety Officer: 1) The best outcomes aren't always the happiest ones. 2) Not having enough Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff. 3) Working with children who have experienced abuse. 4) There's not enough services to meet the needs of many, and that can impact on your success in helping families. 5) Wanting to do more but you're limited by what you can manage.