Managing child safety information

The best interests of children and young people, and keeping them safe from harm, are paramount in the delivery of child safety services.

The department is aware of the important and complex balance between information sharing, information privacy and information security in providing child safety services. Child protection involves complex decisions about when, and the extent to which, sensitive information should be shared with other government or non-government agencies.

The department has reviewed the Queensland Audit Office report and accepts the need to continue to improve our practices and systems to better manage child safety information. The department agrees with all of the report’s recommendations. Work is already underway that will contribute to the implementation of four recommendations. Work will commence in the near future on the remaining two recommendations, as indicated in the departmental response in the report.

Further, and in response to the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry, the department has commenced implementation of a 10-year reform roadmap and investment plan to improve support for families and the protection of children, and to improve the operation of child safety services, in partnership with our service providers. The findings and recommendations of the audit report will be addressed as part of the reform agenda.

The department will work closely with non-government organisations to co-design and co-deliver appropriate strategies. The department has developed a factsheet (PDF, 679 KB) for non-government organisations and relevant partners to inform them of the outcomes and the department’s commitment to work together on our response to the audit recommendations, improving the security and availability of child safety information in our continued shared purpose to enable vulnerable Queenslanders to improve their lives.