Programs and initiatives

  • Funding programs

    Grant funding and other opportunities are available to assist with building an inclusive, united and harmonious Queensland.

  • Attracting and retaining engineers from migrant backgrounds: A guide for employers

    Engineers Australia, Consult Australia and the Queensland Government have partnered to explore ways to maximise employment opportunities for migrants in the engineering industry, helping to meet industry workforce shortages.

  • Welcoming and inclusive communities

    The Department of Child Safety, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs is committed to promoting communities that are welcoming and inclusive of all who live in them. Welcoming Cities, in partnership with the Migration and Inclusion Centre at Monash University, has developed the Planning for Welcoming and Inclusive Communities: Guidelines for Regional Growth.

  • A research report for Multicultural Affairs Queensland

    Seizing the opportunity: Making the most of the skills and experience of migrants and refugees.

  • Workers rights education and support services program

    The 2022-26 Workers' rights education and support services program will provide work rights education to migrant and refugee communities in Queensland.

  • Racism. It stops with me.

    Our department is a proud supporter of the Australian Human Rights Commission's 'Racism. It stops with me.' campaign which invites all Australians to reflect on what they can do to counter racism, whenever it happens.

  • Strategic settlement partnerships

    The Multicultural Affairs Strategic Settlement Partnerships team has been established under the Good jobs. Good people: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022-2032 to advocate and improve workforce outcomes for skilled migrants, those on spousal visas, seasonal workers, international students as well as humanitarian entrants.