Programs and initiatives

  • Multicultural Affairs Queensland Engagement strategy 2019-21

    The Multicultural Affairs Queensland Engagement strategy 2019-21 outlines how we will strengthen our relationships with diverse community, government and corporate stakeholders to build understanding of issues and opportunities, and help build inclusive and connected local communities.

  • Welcoming and inclusive communities

    The Department of Child Safety, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs is committed to promoting communities that are welcoming and inclusive of all who live in them. Welcoming Cities, in partnership with the Migration and Inclusion Centre at Monash University, has developed the Planning for Welcoming and Inclusive Communities: Guidelines for Regional Growth.

  • Asylum Seeker and Refugee Assistance program

    The 2019-21 Asylum Seeker and Refugee Assistance (ASRA) program has been established as a limited-term grant to support the needs of people seeking asylum and vulnerable refugees on temporary visas in Queensland.

  • A research report for Multicultural Affairs Queensland

    Seizing the opportunity: Making the most of the skills and experience of migrants and refugees.

  • Celebrating Multicultural Queensland program

    The program assists organisations to deliver events and projects that celebrate a multicultural Queensland.

  • Community Action for a Multicultural Society (CAMS) program

    A partnership between State Government and community organisations delivering outcomes in social connectedness for culturally and linguistically diverse individuals and community groups.

  • Water safety

    On the Same Wave is a joint water safety initiative between the Queensland Government and Surf Life Saving Queensland to promote water safety messages to migrants and refugees and International students and visitors.

  • Multicultural Peak Funding for Sector Development Services

    This initiative funds development activities that support the sustainability of high quality community based organisations and communication with the multicultural sector across the state.

  • Racism. It stops with me.

    Our department is a proud supporter of the Australian Human Rights Commission's 'Racism. It stops with me.' campaign which invites all Australians to reflect on what they can do to counter racism, whenever it happens.

  • Unite Against Racism – Call to Action Toolkit

    Unite against racism.